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Blore Edwards products and those if offers are widely used in the audio industry. From the dual concentric and switch pot combinations for vintage, reissue and new brand modules from NEVE, to the increasingly popular 23 Way PZ switch (ideal for mastering sections and stepped attenuation) In addition to this we're now offering our PZ with a bespoke PCB for SMT designed especially for our switches. We're offering the switch, the board and if required we will even mount the resistors here for you so you can plug the switch in straight out of the box.

As well as our own product we are also able to offer you a range of components for your audio projects and gear from such established manufacturers as Elma, Bourns, Vishay, BI Technologies, Sifam as well as well-established Taiwanese products with over 40 years of history in the market.


Blore Edwards is proud to be the manufacturer of the range of rotary switches for AMS NEVE reissues of the classic British Sound modules. Our PXR range of switches are used in the reissues of the 1073, 1084 and 1081 and are an ideal replacement for the switches in the older modules that would have used switches by Diamond H. In addition to the switches we also offer a range of long shaft potentiometers to give the best solution for replacing parts. As well as our own Series 45 Carbon track we also offer pots from BI, Bourns and Vishay all of which work in tandem with our hard-working switches. Over the years we have been asked to replace other switches from other classic consoles and modules including the Mic-Line with push switch and 10K Linear pot and the 5 Pole 3W dual 10K switch with the single shorting, four non-shorting poles. We're happy to look at any old switch that you need replacing as we strive to help you keep these historic modules and consoles working well in to the 21st Century. Send any queries to sales@blore-ed.com


Our TYPE PZ is our UK manufactured 23/24 way rotary switch. It is available in both metric and imperial mechanisms, solder and PCB terminals and up to 10 banks. With 4 torque setting from stiff to light, the PZ is proving itself in the audio market both as Stereo and Mono attenuation switches, but increasingly as part of Mastering EQ's such as the PCB Grinder Porter Grinder Mastering EQ. To further enhance the capabilities of this quality switch we are launching a PCB-SMD version in December 2018. We will offer this in a number of ways - you can buy the switch and the PCB, you can buy the switch with the PCB already soldered to the wafer ready for your resistors OR, you can buy the switch as a complete resistored option. All we'd need is your step specifications. Now also available as a dual concentric unit.

For enquiries on any if this, plus the ELMA 04 we offer contact us on sales@blore-ed.com


To compliment our concentric switches such as the PXR, we now manufacture and stock a range of long shaft 1/8" (3.18mm) diameter potentiometers to fit our switches. In addition to our well known PXR concentric option the following switches can also be fitted with potentiometers - PX, PYR, PZ. Our Series 45 long shaft is available as standard, centre detent, dual-gang and with AR MAINS switch. In addition to our own manufactured product we also offer the long shaft option from the following manufacturers - BI TECHNOLOGIES, BOURNS, VISHAY/SFERNICE. Available as standard, centre detent and single of dual gang all the options are a great fit with our switches and can be bough from our shop to fit your existing modules/switches.

For enquiries on our long shaft potentiometers please contact us on sales@blore-ed.com


Blore Edwards Series 45 carbon track potentiometers are a CTS style potentiometer. 23.8mm in diameter and made with high quality components at our South Wales factory, the Series 45 was for a time in the 1970's badged as CTS as we sold under license as CTS in the UK when the company was AB Electronics. We have maintained the same build quality of those days and today, the Series 45 is as robust and versatile as back then. Our Guitar potentiometers carry all the options of the complete Series 45 range and come with either a brass or aluminium splined shaft. To compliment this vintage product we also offer a range of conductive plastic options from the P230 to the P160 and the push/pull options of the RD163.

For enquiries on any of these quality options please contact us on sales@blore-ed.com