Welcome to our NEWS page. Here you'll find all the latest news about us, our products, what's new, what shows we're attending and other items of interest about our company and the markets we move in. We'll also keep you abreast of changes to our shop, our Facebook page and news of projects we're involved in. It is our aim to keep our customers up to date as much as possible as we continue to add to our product and service portfolio.

NEW FOR 2018! A competitive range of quality Taiwanese rotary potentiometers. Along with these we can now offer a variety of slide potentiometers (including motorised), digital encoders and tact switches. Details will be updated on these as soon as we can.

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NEW RANGES! In October 2018 we added the ELMA and SIFAM range of knobs to our current product range including the SFK70 Series T BAR Fader

NEW FOR 2019! We're now offering the range of Lundahl Transformers. You can find them on their own page and in our online shop.


We're now an official distributor for Lundahl transformers. We will soon have listings on our site for the product range with links to data sheets and shop pages. If you have any questions about the products, want advice choosing the best option then send all relevant information to

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