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Our SERIES 45 Carbon Track Potentiometers are manufactured on site in our UK factory. That allows us to offer a range of customisations that bought in product cannot. Within the varied ranges of the Series 45 we can manufacture hybrids, make custom shafts and bushing. Multi-gang with multiple resistance value gangs. Terminal options. Fitted to our switches. The Series 45 is versatile and robust enough to allow us to play with the construction. We offer dual gang, dual concentrics whereby 2 gangs are controlled by one shaft and the other by the second shaft. It is feasible that we could make a dual gang, dual concentric - 4 gangs of tracks each dual controlled by it's own shaft. With our 6 Mains switch variations, the wide range of resistance values we offer, starting at an incredible low linear value of 100R, we think that the Series 45 is worth a try for those special jobs. We deal in small to large quantities so feel free to contact us on sales@blore-ed.com with your custom queries.


Blore Edwards offers a customisation service for the range of wirewound potentiometeers we offer. We can cut spindles to custom sizes, offer flats, holes  and slots to the various potentiometers we stock. In addition to this we can convert the quality AW wirewound potentiometer from AB to be fitted with and OMEG DPDT mains switch. This customisation turns the AW wirewound in to an AW-ARCH. We offer this on all AW variations we stock and for any that you should order. In addition, we are able to request custom potentiometers direct from the manufacturer and quote.

For any queries about our customisation options for our wireowound stock please contact us on sales@blore-ed.com


The ustomisation options on the Conductive Plastic Potentiometers we offe are more limited than both the Series 45 and the Wirewound. Most customisation on these products is direct from the manufacturer. We can still offer the basic customisation options such as cutting shafts, adding slots etc, but where our service comes in to these products is getting the manufacturers to manufacture to your specifications if possible. Want that potentiometer with a 3.18mm shaft and 70mm long? We can do that. Want a mulit-gang switch with different resistance values per gang? We can do that. As we grow our relationships with our suppliers so we are able to request more customised product. Another part of our service in this area is to source those potentiometers from major manufacturers that are sometime hard to find, or not classed as standard (see Vishay picture bottom right). We are happy to stock such items on our shop if available.

For any queries about customisation options contact us on sales@blore-ed.com