Digital Encoders

Blore Edwards is pleased to be able to offer our customers a good range of digital encoder options. In addition to the BI variations we currently offer we have now added to the range with more options including 12mm with LED. Samples available on request. All options currently available are represented in the data sheets below.

DC09B 9mm Encoder

9.5mm side, small encoder. Used in a variety of products from car audio equipment, AV equipment and other applications

DC10F 10mm Hollow Shaft Encoder

10mm Hollow shaft encoder. Small body, as thin as 5.1mm. Long life of 100,000 cycles. Used for AV equipment and other applications

DC10J 10mm Knob Encoder

10mm Knob Style. High-level feel, multi-detent available. Used for manual focus on camera equipment. Suitable for compact equipment

DC11B 11mm Encoder

11mm high-precision encoder. Used for level control, tuning and timer setting in AV equipment and other similar applications

DC11L 11mm Slim Encoder

11mm surface mount type encoder. Most suitable for controls for compact and low profile electronic equipment

DC12K 12mm Encoder

12mm high-precision encoder. Suitable for level controls, tuning and timer setting. Long life and high reliability

DC12S 12mm LED Encoder

12mm LED encoder. High-precision, long life reliable product. High brightness. Available in a range of colours

DC15L 15mm Hollow Shaft Encoder

15mm Hollow shaft style encoder. Dimensions are 15mmx15mmx4.5mm. 30,000 cycle life

DC20J 20mm Knob Encoder

20mm Knob Style. High-level feel. Push on switch. Long life and reliability. Suitable for controls of low profile electronic equipment

DC23H 23mm Hollow Shaft Encoder

23mm Hollow shaft style encoder. High-level feel, can be used in combination with other components. Wide range of applications


8mm Rotary Encoder. 50,000 Cycles. Metal bushing and shaft. 3 builds including with momentary push switch and dual concentric shaft.


11mm Rotary Encoder. Top and side adjust options. Push on switch option. Metal bushing and shaft. 0 to 30 detents available.


12mm Rotary Encoder. Push on switch option. 12 and 24 detent/pulse option. Top and side adjust options.


16mm Rotary Encoder. 30,000 Cycles. 12 and 24 detent/pulse options. Top and side adjust options.

SIFAM encoder knobs

To compliment these great encoders we can now also offer the new range of SIFAM 07 Series push on Encoder Knobs. The Series 07 are precision engineered for use in the audio, video and lighting control applications. 6mm D or splined shaft. Hard or Soft touch finish. Illuminated or Non-Illuminated knobs available. 10mm and 12mm diameter. A great product for current or new product lines. Competitively priced quality.


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