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High Performance High Level Transformer Unit from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company

The LL1584 is a  High level, 600 ohms to 600 ohms transformer unit.

The XLR inline transformer unit LL1584 is designed for breaking up ground loops and forbalanced-to-unbalanced conversion in mobile or stationary audio systems. The unit is magnetically shielded and contains a medium impedance isolation transformer LL1584, with LF saturation above +17 dBU @ 50 Hz. The two ends of the units are galvanically isolated from each other.

The LL1584 is available in four versions:

LL1584-3FXNP2CFemale XLR connector to 2-pole ‘A’-gauge 1/4” jack plug

LL1584-PHF3MXFemale Phono (RCA) connector to male XLR connector

LL1584-3FXPHMFemale XLR connector to Phono (RCA) male

LL1584-3FX3MXFemale XLR connector to male XLR connector


Please allow 4 Weeks for delivery while be build up stock


  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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