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High Performance Tube Amplifier Output Transformer from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company

The LL1627, LL1620, LL1623 and LL9202 are output transformers for tube amplifiers. All transformers are based on the same core size, winding structure and secondaries, but differ in number of turns (and thus impedance level) of primaries. The transformers are highly sectioned with harmonically sized sections, which results in a minimum leakage inductance. This, combined with a low capacitance coil winding technique results in a wide frequency range. The transformers have a special audio C-core of our own production, which is gapped for desired DC current. The transformers are of open frame type suitable for mounting inside an amplifier housing.


For variations and pricing on LL1627AM see product options below.


Please allow 4 Weeks for delivery while be build up stock

LL1627 Tube Amplifier Output Transformer

  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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