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TYPE PZ 23 Way Mechanism Kit

Metric or Imperial bushing

1/4" or 6mm Diameter spindle

15mm Knob End

Shear End long enough for 4 Banks (no spacing)

Kit Comprises

1 x PZ 23 Way mechanism

2 x 6BA Studding (Length 61mm)

2 x Studding washer

2 x ShkPrf washer

2 x 6BA Locknut

1 x Locknut

1 x ShkPrf Washer

1 x bag M2 Stops (5 in bag)

1 x Spring (Please choose torque from options below)


Stops, springs and spacers will be available from the accessories section of the shop

PZ Mechanism Kit

  • All mechanical specifications for this robust mechanism can be found here

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