BLORE EDWARDS LIMITED - History and Quality

Blore Edwards is a UK Manufacturer and distributor of passive electronic components for a number of industries, including Pro-Audio, high-end test and calibration equipment and Mil-spec switches like our Type 72 and 142 (formerly the Painton Multibank ranges).

Formed in 1989 to manufacture the Series 45 potentiometer formerly manufactured by AB Components, the company next added the AB Components Rotary Switch ranges in 1992. These comprised of the high-quality open frame rotary wafer families PX, PY and PZ, the contact stud switches formerly made by Painton Plessey and the high quality spring loaded terminals and Minibank ranges.

Using our history within the AB group we are also able to offer the AW, ABW1 and ABW2 wirewound potentiometers as well as the well known precision potentiometers formerly manufactured by AB Colvern. Along with this we can offer Series 417 switches. All now are manufactured in Germany by AB Sachsen now part of the AVX Group.


Blore Edwards also offers components from the diverse TT ranges, including conductive plastic potentiometers, Bourns style Cermet trimmers and digital encoders, ensuring that we continue to offer our customers the best products and best service for this ever changing industry.

Having moved to a more modern facility in 2009, we now offer more services than ever, from sub-assembly work including wiring and harnessing to PCB design and product design.

Moving forward we've added an online store to our site to give our customers the best service, offering our quality products in smaller quantities to suit all needs.

With new products in development we believe that we can continue to offer the very best solutions for your component requirements.


 A UK manufacturer and supplier of quality passive electronic components.

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