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High Performance Mic Input/Line Box  from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company.

The LL1578 XL is a high performance microphone input transformer/line-box transformer with high permeability mu-metal cores and high bandwidth coils.

The LL1578XL uses the same pin-out as our well known microphone transformer LL1538.

In the LL1578XL the core is about 45% larger than in the LL1578, resulting in a higher signal level capability.

The primary and secondary windings are separated by electrostatic shields.

The very low leakage inductance and thus excellent frequency response is achieved by a two-coil, three-section per coil winding structure.

The transformers are encapsulated in mu-metal cases for magnetic shielding.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery until we have stock

LL1578XL Mic Input/Line Box

  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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