P261 conductive plastic potentiometer dual gang 10K linear
3.18mm diameter shaft with a length of 64.5mm from the mounting face
Ideal for fitting to our Neve module switches, the 12mm body is more compact than our carbon track pots

This pot can be used as a replacement for your 8068 pan module with our 5P 3W PXR (SR24001)
With a life-cycle of 1,000,000 the P261 is also available with PCB terminals (P260)

P261 044A Dual gang 10K linear long shaft

  • P261 Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

    Power rating: 0.5W Linear

    Voltage rating: 350V a.c. maximum

    Temperature rating: -55 to 125 degrees centigrade

    Mounting Details: 6.35mm diameter bush by 1/4" (6.35mm) long. Nut & Washer supplied

    Spindle Details: Brass, zinc plated 3.18mm diameter with a length of 65mm from the mounting face

    Mechanical Details: Rotation 295 deg

    Running Torque: 1.5 oz-in Max

    Rotational Life: 1,000,000 cycles

    For more details on this product please download PDF from here