New to the store our PY selector switch variable stop mechanism

12 Position Maximum (no moveable stop needed)

Positions can be set with a moveable stop from 2 - 11 positions

Switch comes with a 6mm x 50mm shaft and M10 bushing

M10 locknut, shakeproof washer and variable stop ring

Switch also ships with 6BA studding, 6BA washer and nuts

Fitted with our lightest spring this switch is made to our normal high standards, using quality materials but gives you the flexibility to choose the number of positions you need at any time.

Spindle is long enough for a maximum of two banks.

Switch kit is compatible with all wafers offered here

PY Variable Mechanism Switch Kit

  • TYPE PY Rotary Switch


    Electrical Specification


    Maximum working voltage 300V ac (rms) or dc


    Contact rating


    Current Carrying

    5 Amp

    Current Breaking


    with resistive load

    25 Watt ac or 15 Watt dc


    Recommended max voltage 300V ac


    and max current 500mA ac, dc

    Proof voltage

    1000V ac (rms) minimum

    Insulation resistance

    Greater than 106 Megohms

    (all paths)

    Contact resistance (initial)

    2 – 10 Milliohms

    (After 20,000 cycles)

    Not greater than 5 milliohms above initial


    Mechanical Specification


    End stop strength 1.7Nm



    Details of the switch can be found here

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