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SIFAM SFK70 Series T Bar Fader

Precision Engineered

Audio, Video and Lighting control applications

Conforms to Industry Standard Mechanical Formats

Precision Oilite bearings and acetyl bushes

Purpose calibrated contactless Hall effect sensor

Accurate Noise-free operation


Current lead-times are 6-8 weeks

Please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery


Now you can have your fader with a black handle and silver knob arrangement!

SIFAM SFK70 Series T-Bar Fader



    Actuator travel - 63 º (+/-31.5 º about centre)

    Operating force  -1.5N

    Weight 100g

    Expected life -1,000,000 cycles

    Lever action - Friction




    Supply - 5V +/-0.5V DC

    Typ. Supply Current - 13.5mA

    Max. Supply Current - 15.0mA

    Overvoltage - 24V DC

    Reverse Voltage Protection - minus 12V DC

    Output Impedance - 10 Ohms




    Operating Temperature - minus 40 º to plus 50 º

    Storage Temperature - minus 40 º to plus 70 º




    Colour - Function

    Red - +5V DC

    White - Output

    Black - 0V

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