About us. . .

BLORE EDWARDS LIMITED was founded in 1989 to continue the manufacture of the Series45 potentiometers previously manufactured by AB Electronics (part of the AB Metals Group and TT). In 1992 we added the rotary wafer switch ranges to our product catalogue, including the Minibank and the 72 and 142 rotary contact stud ranges (also known as the Painton, Plessey or Winkler switch). We also added the range of spring loaded terminals from Painton used in military radios.

Our core markets are Aerospace, Audio, Audio-Visual, Automotive, Defence, Industrial applications such as Power and Utilities instrumentation, Test and Measurement instrumentation and Vintage Audio.

Over our history we have continued to add to the products and services we offer, and now we are able to offer our customers quality products such as AB Elektronik, BI, Bourns, Colvern, Elma, Lundahl, Sifam and Vishay to compliment our own quality product.

 A UK manufacturer and supplier of quality passive electronic components.