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Blore Edwards is primarily a manufacturer of Mil-Spec open frame rotary wafer switches and below is a selection of our best products well suited to a variety of audio applications from vintage module repair to mono and stereo 23 Way attenuators. To add to the versatility of our options we are once more offering our switches in kit form. At the moment it is only the PY that is available, but we will be adding the PZ to this very soon. The PZ will also be available soon as a an unloaded and fully loaded SMD PCB switch, We've even brought back the dual concentric version of this classic switch and are looking at the beast that is the PZ triple concentric. Watch our Facebook page for news on those developments.

In the options below you will find switch kits, selector switches, switches with potentiometers fitted. enclosed rotary switches and even products from Elma to compliment our own product ranges. As with some of the Vishay potentiometers we offer, some of the Elma, like the BV22889, are custom builds for specific audio and console requirements. We are good at sourcing these and getting them available for good pricing. So, if you're looking for something custom send us your query here.

We're open to suggestions to what you'd like to see here so please feel free to drop us a mail to sales@blore-ed.com

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