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Along with our standard line of switches and pots, Blore Edwards also offers a diverse range of Accessories for the vintage audio market. Here you can find Nickel (for that used look) finish and Zinc finsh M3.5 thumbscrews for your Neve modules. We also have a limited number of Isostat switches. We'll be offering fixings such as 6BA Screws and Locknuts, 6BA studding and the more standard M2.

We have PCB's for our PZ switch (SMD at the moment, through-hole to follow), springs for our PX, PY and PZ so you can adjsut the torque of our switches to what you want them to be!

We also have knobs. Knobs from Elma, knobs from Sifam and maybe in the near future knobs and caps from BEL. Toggles from ESwitch, sweet T-Bar faders from Sifam and more product being sourced all the time.

Want to see something here? Drop us a mail and let us know what else you think we could be offering.

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