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Well Audio Switches is a bit of misnomer really. It's more than switches. We've got our Audio specific pots here, with potentiometers in all flavours for a variety of audio projects. From the conductive plastic 10K Linear trim pot with centre detent for your 1073 modules, to a 3-45 600R attenuator for your 1176 input. We've got long shaft pots for fitting to concentric switches in three flavours, selector switches from our entire family including the wonderful enclosed rotary BE12.

Our PZ is well represented here, Mono and Stereo switches, kits to follow (for those of you who want to build your own 4 or 8 gang beast!), SMD PCB's for the PZ as well with more options and added extras to come.

We've also got the Elma's here too, the  3 gang 04 as well as some specials.

Soon to follow will be basic selector switches for your EQP1's and other selector switch options both as full builds and as kits.

Remember, that we make most of this to order so if you want a different shaft length or special spacing, put that in the comment section of the product page or email us direct with your custom queries.

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