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Blore Edwards manufactures its own range of versatile carbon track potentiometers which are now available in all variations. A 1" (25.4mm) diameter carbon track pot, the Series 45 can be built by you online using the options in each product page. As well as standard single gang, we offer dual gang, triple gang, dual concentric and all of these options can be further modified with your choice of on/off (AR MAINS) switch. Plastic or metal shaft, metric or imperial fixings and each pot built to order.

To compliment our own range and somewhat smaller we also offer two flavours of 16mm potentiometer, the RD163 and R161. The additionof these ranges allows us to offer you options such as push/pull swithes, centre tap, multi-detents and a small PCB footprint.

Not only that, but we occassionally find ourselves in possession of some top class vintage pots from Allen Bradley and Plessey. These are always limited stock and will be advertised here, on the Sale Items page and through our Facebook page.

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