Series 45 Carbon Track Potentiometers

The Series 45 carbon track potentiometer is a versatile, hard-working and customisable potentiometer used in a wide variety of industries. From amplification to test equipment, pro-audio modules, fitted to our own rotary switches and hand-held cable detection units, the Series 45 has proved itself to be a great all-rounder. Available in a wide variety of resistance values and in both linear and logarithmic laws, the Series 45 is further customisable by the addition of multiple gangs, dual concentric spindles and fitted with our AR Mains Rotary Switches.

For our full ranges take a look at the Series 45 product visit HERE for an overview of options.

Wirewound Potentiometers

In addition to our own carbon track range we can also offer our customers a range of wirewound potentiometer options. From the AB(AVX) group we offer the AW, ABW1 and ABW2 ranges of wirewound potentiometers as well as the complete range of Colvern (AVX) wirewound potentiometers.

For further details on these great products go to the individual page HERE

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers

We also offer a range of high quality conductive plastic potentiometers from the TT group. The P260 (pcb mount) and P261 (solder terminals) range of potentiometers are available in a wide range of resistance values, in both linear and logarithmic laws and can be multi-ganged. We also offer their complete ranges of conductive plastics details of which can be found HERE.

NEW! From 2018  a new range of quality potentiometers - Taiwan manufactured conductive plastic potentiometers in 9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm,  and16mm versions. LED potentiometers, 1.8mm Thin Type, Dual concentric 9mm, Hollow Shaft Type, Rotary Sensor, Motor Driven 16mm and 8mm Micro are all available. More information can be found HERE.

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