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2-45 Dual Gang Series 45 Potentiometer

Available in a wide range of resistance values

Solder or PC terminals

1/4" or 6mm Diameter plastic shaft

Variety of standard lengths to choose from

Custom shaft lengths available (also flats, slots etc)

A hard working 1" diameter old school pot

Available up to 5 Gang (3-45, 4-45, 5-45)


NOTE: When ordering please ensure you select NONE in the resistance laws you do not require. Thank you!


The Series 45 Carbon Composition Potentiometer has a proven track record in all aspects of the electronics industry, and can claim to be among the most versatile general purpose potentiometers available.


Our Series 45 potentiometers are highly customisable. Standard pots are fitted with a plastic shaft, but all are available with metal shafts (see here). In May 2017 we re-introduced the knurled and slotted brass shaft model for guitars, a decision driven by customers looking for an alternative to the more commonly used CTS models (here). In addition, to this, the Series 45 is customisable even further by our wide range of resistance values, in linear, logarithmic and reverse logarithmic laws, our shaft options, termination options and bushing options. We can also offer different torque settings on our metal shaft potentiometers from our standard 0.7Ncm to a much higher torque of 3.6Ncm, with varying degrees in between to suit your requirements. This is particularly useful for audio applications where the feel of the pot is critical.


2-45 Dual Gang Series 45 Carbon Track Potentiometer (3 - 5 gang available)



    Mechanical Rotation

    300º +/- 5º without switch

    320º +/- 5º with switch


    Operating Torque

    0.7 - 3.6 Ncm


    End Stop Torque

    113Ncm minimum


    Resistor Adjustment

    Integral moulded spindle

    Plug-in metal spindle

    Integral metal spindles (outer and inner)

    Integral metal spindle (outer) integral moulded spindle (inner)

    *Lengths, diameters and end configurations are customisable.


    Terminal options

    Solder, Printed circuit, wire wrap


    Mounting Details

    Bush     9.5mm diameter diecast bush, 32 TPI Whitworth form

                6.35mm diameter diecast bush, 32 TPI Whitworth form

                Locating key, 7.9mm long located left (terminals down, viewed from spindle end).

                Locating key fits 3.2mm diameter hole on an 11.1mm radius.

                Each potentiometer comes supplies with one fixing nut and one internal tooth lock washer

                    M10 diecast bush, M10x0.75x8mm long with standard or DIN locating key.

                Bushes of other lengths and materials are available upon request




    Effective Rotation

    270º +/- 5º


    Resistance Range

    500 Ω to 10M Ω Linear

    1K Ω to 10M Ω Logarithmic (positive and negative laws)

    Non standard resistance values are available on request


    Resistance Tolerance

    Standard  +/- 20% for values to 1M Ω

                   +/- 30% for values above 1M Ω

    Special    +/- 10%



    Linear, Log, Reverse Log.

    Other specials available on request.


    Insulation Resistance

    >5000M Ω


    Voltage Rating

    500V d c maximum


    Terminal Resistance

    Linear: 0.5% RN

    Log: low slope end 0.5%

           high slope end 2.0%

    Standard minimum resistance value 5 Ω


    Voltage Proof

    1.5 kV peak minimum

    Temperature Range

    -25ºC to 70ºC


    Temperature Coefficient

    Typically +/- 500 ppm


    Power Rating at 40ºC Ambient Temperature

    0.5W Linear

    0.25W Logarithmic

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