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Colvern CLR4001 Wirewound Potentiometers
Limited stock only - once they're gone they're gone
Variety of resistance values - see options
Very nice product, quality feel


Specifications for this product can be found here.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but the product you're interested in is currently out of stock. Our team is actively working to restock it. For assistance or enquiries, please email [].

Colvern CLR4001 Series Potentiometer

  • COLVERN 4001 Wirewound potentiometer

    Nickel silver contacts

    Nickle plated brass spindle 6.35mm(1/4") diameter by 38.5mm from the mounting face.

    Power Rating: 3.0@20 degrees C(1.5W@70 degrees C)

    Isolation voltage: 1000V a.c peak

    Torque: 7 to 35 mNm

    End stop torque: 1100 mNm maximum

    Rotational life: 20,000 cycles

    For full details download PDF on Wirewound product page

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