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High Performance Audio Transformer from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company

The LL1544A is a line input / general purpose audio transformer which can be used in many different applications ranging from bridging input to microphone input applications.

The transformer is built up from two three-section coils with interleaved Faraday shields.

The core is a two-component amorphous strip core. This core type combines a high sensitivity for very low signal levels with excellent high-level capabilities. In addition, as this type of core does not store energy (unlike conventional mu-metal cores), at low frequencies phase response is excellent and resonance with a series capacitor is practically eliminated.

The LL1544A replaces previous types LL1544 and LL1554.


Please allow 4 Weeks for delivery while be build up stock

LL1544A Audio Transformer

  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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