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High Performance Splitting Transformer from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company.

The LL1570XL is designed for splitting signals in application where large ground differences may appear, but is also veryuseful as a general purpose audio transformer.

By careful design, the capacative coupling between the different part ofthe transformer is kept to a minimum.

The three-section winding structure which is necessary for decoupling also resultsin a very high bandwidth.

The transformer is built up from two coils, each with primary and secondary windingsseparated by electrostatic shields, and a high permeability mu-metal core.

The two coil structure in combination with themu-metal can results in high immunity to external magnetic fields.

In the LL1570XL, the core is about 45% larger than in the LL1570, resulting in a larger level capability

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery until we have stock

LL1570XL Splitting

  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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