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High Performance Audio Output Transformer from the renowned Lundahl Transformer company

The LL1582 is an audio output transformer for balanced or unbalanced drive, with the following features:

1. Pin compatible with the popular LL2811

2. With internal shields to improve common mode passthrough rejection. This is important in analog outputfrom digital systems

3. Suggested use: 2 : 1 (secondaries in parallel) with e.g. NE5532 op amps for low noise.

4. Precision made audio C core for small size.

5. Two-coil structure and mu-metal housing for high magnetic noise immunity.

6. Designed to fit three in a row across a Euroboard.

The secondaries can be connected in parallel for low output impedance or in series for high output level

Please allow 4 Weeks for delivery while be build up stock

LL1582 Audio Output

  • All technical specifications for Lundahl Output Transformers can be found here

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