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P160 16mm rotary potentiometer conductive plastic

100K Log with solder terminals

20mm fmf knurled and slotted spindle

6mm diameter

Nice feeling potentiometer

Life cycle of 100,000

Nice economic panel pot.

Available in a variety of resistance values

P160KNP0QC20A100K 100K Log 16mm potentiometer

  • P160 16mm conductive plastic potentiometer

    Resistance range: 500R to 1Meg

    Standard resistance tolerance: +/-20%

    Power rating input voltage: 200V ac max

    Power rating watts: 0.2W B taper, 0.1W others

    Stop strength: 90oz in

    Rotating torque: 0.5 to 1.25oz in

    Operating temperature range:  -20 to 70 C

    Rotational life: 100,000 cycles

    For more information click here for downloadable PDF

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