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P260 PCB Mount conductive plastic potentiometer with switch

1,000,000 cycle life

5K Linear resistance

P260S-D1BS5CB5K 5K Lin Switch Pot

  • P260Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

    Power rating: 0.5W Linear

    Voltage rating: 350V a.c. maximum

    Temperature rating: -55 to 125 degrees centigrade

    Mounting Details: 9.53mm diameter bush by 3/8" (9.53mm) long. Nut & Washer supplied

    Spindle Details: Brass, zinc plated 6.35 diameter

    Mechanical Details: Rotation 295 deg

    Running Torque: 1.5 oz-in Max

    Rotational Life: 1,000,000 cycles

    For more details on this product please download PDF from here

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