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PZ Wafer Kit

PZ wafers are 38 mm in diameter and are designed to fit all our PZ range of switches.

These are an ideal accompaniment to our recently added PZ Variable Mechanism Kit.

Standard PZ is 15 degree indexing


Available in the following options :-


1P 23W, 2P 11W, 3P 7W, 4P 5W, 5P 3W and 6P 3W either SHORTING (MBB) or NON-SHORTING (BBM)

In conjunction with our PZ Mechanism kit these wafers can be utilised for all the above positions and any inbetween.


For example, a 1P 23W can be stopped at all positions between 2 and 23


The PZ wafer, in conjunction with our variable mechanism, allows you serious flexibility whether you are prototyping or building for production.


Our wafers are moulded out of DAP, a high quality thermoset plastic, so good for soldering. Contacts are silver or gold plated brass and are available as standard solder clips only.


Our PZ PCB wafers can also be used in conjunction with our own SMD 1206 Package PCB's also on the store

PZ Wafer Kit

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